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The desirable property that operation of a user agent feature is not bound to only one input or output device.

Document character set

A collection of abstract characters that a format specification allows to appear in an instance of the format.

Document object

The user agent's representation of data (e.g., a document). This data generally comes from the document source, but may also be generated (e.g., from style sheets, scripts, or transformations), produced as a result of preferences set within the user agent, or added as the result of a repair performed automatically by the user agent.

Synonyms - Document Object Model
Document source,

The data that the user agent receives as the direct result of a request for a Web resource (e.g., as the result of an HTTP/1.1 [RFC2616] "GET", or as the result of viewing a resource on the local file system). 

Synonyms - text source

Information that supports the use of a user agent. 

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