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Term Main definition

Text transcripts that are synchronized with other audio tracks or visual tracks. 

Character encoding

A mapping from a character set definition to the actual code units used to represent the data. 

Collated text transcript

A text equivalent of a movie or other animation. 

Conditional content

Content that, by format specification, should be made available to users through the user interface, generally under certain conditions (e.g., based on user preferences or operating environment limitations)



"To control" and "to configure" share in common the idea of governance such as a user may exercise over interface layout, user agent behavior, rendering style, and other parameters.

Synonyms - control

Satisfying all the requirements of a given standard, guideline or specification

  1. The document object as a whole or in parts.
  2. The content of an HTML or XML element, in the sense employed by the XML 1.0 specification ([XML], section 3.1): "The text between the start-tag and end-tag is called the element's content." Context should indicate that the term content is being used in this sense.
  3. Non-text content and text content.
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