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Managed State

Accessibility API state that is controlled by the user agent, such as focus and selection.

Live Region

Live regions are perceivable regions of a web page that are typically updated as a result of an external event when user focus may be elsewhere.


A type of region on a page to which the user may want quick access.

Keyboard Accessible

Accessible to the user using a keyboard or assistive technologies that mimic keyboard input, such as a sip and puff tube.


Content provided for information purposes and not required for conformance.


Indicates that the element is not visible, perceivable, or interactive to any user. An element is considered hidden if it or any one of its ancestor elements is not rendered or is explicitly hidden.

Graphical Document

A document containing graphic representations with user-navigable parts.


A programmatic message used to communicate discrete changes in the state of an object to other objects in a computational system.


The structural elements in markup language that contains the data profile for objects.


A deprecated role, state, or property is one which has been outdated by newer constructs or changed circumstances, and which may be removed in future versions of the WAI-ARIA specification. 


A set of instance objects that share similar characteristics.


Structural features added to elements to provide information about the states and properties of the object represented by the element.

Accessible Description

Provides additional information, related to an interface element, that complements the accessible name.

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