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Switch back and forth between two visual states in a way that is meant to draw attention

Author styles

Style property values that come from content (e.g., style sheets within a document, that are associated with a document, or that are generated by a server).

Audio-only presentation

Content consisting exclusively of one or more audio tracks presented concurrently or in series. 

Audio track

Content rendered as sound through an audio viewport. 

Audio description

Either a prerecorded human voice or a synthesized voice (recorded or generated dynamically) describing the key visual elements of a movie or other animation.

Synonyms - Auditory description

Content that encodes prerecorded sound.

Assistive technology

Hardware and/or software that:

  • relies on services provided by a user agent to retrieve and render Web content
  • works with a user agent or web content itself through the use of APIs, and
  • provides services beyond those offered by the user agent to facilitate user interaction with web content by people with disabilities

Picture created by a spatial arrangement of characters or glyphs (typically from the 95 printable characters defined by ASCII)

Application Programming Interface

An application programming interface (API) defines how communication may take place between applications.

Synonyms - API

A program (generally written in the Java programming language) that is part of content, and that the user agent executes.


Content that, when rendered, creates a visual movement effect automatically (i.e., without explicit user interaction).

Ambiguous to users in general

The purpose cannot be determined from the link and all information of the Web page presented to the user simultaneously with the link (i.e., readers without disabilities would not know what a link would do until they activated it)

Alternative for time-based media

Document including correctly sequenced text descriptions of time-based visual and auditory information and providing a means for achieving the outcomes of any time-based interaction

Alternative Access

Provides users with disabilities with content that is similar or identical to that provided to users without disabilities but in a format that produces a different user experience.

Alt Attribute

A textual alternative to non-text content in software applications or on web pages.

Synonyms - Alt
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