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Enabled element

A piece of content with associated behaviors that can be activated through the user interface or through an API. The set of elements that a user agent enables is generally derived from, but is not limited to, the set of interactive elements defined by implemented markup languages


Synonyms - disabled element

A syntactic construct of a document type definition (DTD) for its application. 

Synonyms - element type

Information that supports the use of a user agent. 

Document source,

The data that the user agent receives as the direct result of a request for a Web resource (e.g., as the result of an HTTP/1.1 [RFC2616] "GET", or as the result of viewing a resource on the local file system). 

Synonyms - text source
Document object

The user agent's representation of data (e.g., a document). This data generally comes from the document source, but may also be generated (e.g., from style sheets, scripts, or transformations), produced as a result of preferences set within the user agent, or added as the result of a repair performed automatically by the user agent.

Synonyms - Document Object Model
Document character set

A collection of abstract characters that a format specification allows to appear in an instance of the format.


The desirable property that operation of a user agent feature is not bound to only one input or output device.

  1. The document object as a whole or in parts.
  2. The content of an HTML or XML element, in the sense employed by the XML 1.0 specification ([XML], section 3.1): "The text between the start-tag and end-tag is called the element's content." Context should indicate that the term content is being used in this sense.
  3. Non-text content and text content.

Satisfying all the requirements of a given standard, guideline or specification


"To control" and "to configure" share in common the idea of governance such as a user may exercise over interface layout, user agent behavior, rendering style, and other parameters.

Synonyms - control
Conditional content

Content that, by format specification, should be made available to users through the user interface, generally under certain conditions (e.g., based on user preferences or operating environment limitations)


Collated text transcript

A text equivalent of a movie or other animation. 

Character encoding

A mapping from a character set definition to the actual code units used to represent the data. 


Text transcripts that are synchronized with other audio tracks or visual tracks. 

Blocks of text

More than one sentence of text

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